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Do you have a musculoskeletal injury or pain, posture or balance problem? All of these can restrain your recreational activities or affect your everyday routine. It is likely a visit to your physician will result in a referral to physical therapy.

Many don't know that in the state of California consumers have direct access to physical therapy. This means that you can see a physical therapist without a referral from the doctor. Click Here to Read More

Office Ergonomics-I Hate My Work Station (Part 2)-By Charles Alexander, PT, DPT

by ksumner, July 24, 2020

I Hate My Work Station (Part 2)

Appropriate work station should include a proper posture for the body while working at your computer, an appropriate chair, and three separate work zones..

Appropriate work station should include:

  1. Hip slightly higher than knees with your feet flat on the ground
  2. 2 finger width between the back of your knee and the front of your chair
  3. Backrest up to the bottom of your shoulder blade
  4. Arm rests lower than elbow with forearms in line (parallel) to the floor
  5. Hands flat with slightly floating above the keyboard not resting wrist on the keyboard
  6. Mouse and keyboard on the same flat surface
  7. Eyes to top line of text or lowering if wearing bifocals
  8. Monitor one arms length away

A Proper chair should be 2 pieces for the seat and backrest with adjustable height and arm rests.


Work areas should be developed into 3 zones. The 3 separate areas are to decrease overreaching and causing unbalanced time in certain areas.


  1. First zone should be very close to your work stating and are items that are used often.


  1. Second zone should consist for occasional used items


  1. Third zone should be seldom used items and ideally set up to give you a mini break by requiring you to stand up and walk away from your workstation.


Even with the proper work station and ideal posture the body will eventually experience stress and strain. Make sure to move and adjust every 15-20 minutes.


If you are interested in a physical therapy session do not hesitate to ask or call (530) 226-9242. You do not need a referral from your doctor.



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