Direct Access

Do you have a musculoskeletal injury or pain, posture or balance problem? All of these can restrain your recreational activities or affect your everyday routine. It is likely a visit to your physician will result in a referral to physical therapy.

Many don't know that in the state of California consumers have direct access to physical therapy. This means that you can see a physical therapist without a referral from the doctor. Click Here to Read More


What Can You do to Combat Inflammation? (by Jessica E, PTA)

by jessicag, October 16, 2018

  Inflammation is a natural process in which our body tries to protect us from infection with white blood cells and substances released by them. Inflammation can become a chronic problem after an injury or surgery, or caused by an autoimmune condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome. Inflammation symptoms can be but […]


Spooky, spectacular health!

by jessicag, October 3, 2018

  We all know how delicious those fun-sized Halloween bars are. It seems harmless to grab a few candies here and there. Before we know it, we have eaten the whole box of Halloween candy that was being saved to hand out to the kids! Here are a few tips to have a healthier Halloween: […]


What is Vertigo & how can physical therapy help? (by Heather Sanford, PTA)

by jessicag, September 21, 2018

  Vertigo is a common term for the sensation of spinning that one may feel even though they are staying still. There are some serious causes of Vertigo, but it usually gets better with time and is not a symptom of an underlying condition. Symptoms Dizziness- this can begin within seconds after a certain head […]


Burch Physical Therapy’s Golf Program TPI & K-Vest (by Michael Hansen, PT, DPT, TPI golf fitness instructor)

by jessicag, September 7, 2018

  Golf is a multi billion dollar industry. We are all looking for the “next best thing” to improve our swing. A lot of attention is given to equipment including golf clubs, balls and training devices. But how much attention do you put on your own mobility and fitness? Here is where the Titleist Performance […]


Insurance and Physical Therapy

by jessicag, August 17, 2018

We are preferred providers for most major insurance carriers including Blue Cross(Anthem), Blue Shield, United Health Care, Delta, Tri-Care/Tri West and more. We also accept Partnership/Medi-Cal patients at our satellite office. We accept Medicare assignment. We are contracted with most workers’ compensation carriers. We are glad to bill your personal auto insurance carrier when Med […]


The importance of sleep (by Michael Hansen, DPT)

by jessicag, June 13, 2018

Hey all! I just finished listening to one of my weekly podcasts and this particular episode was about sleep. The name of the podcast is the “Physical Preparation Podcast” by Mike Robertson. He shares a lot of information about several topics including general health and wellness, coaching, exercise and nutrition. I found this specific episode […]


Do you have back pain?

by jessicag, May 30, 2018

Join us June 23rd for a FREE back pain & Sciatica workshop: RSVP & more information here:   THIS FREE WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU IF: 1 You’ve missed work due to sciatica or back pain 2 You’ve missed out on family vacation or activities you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your sciatica 3 […]


Attention Neck Pain, Stiff Neck and Headache Sufferers: New 30 Second Self-Test for Neck Pain Reveals if Physical Therapy Can Help You

by jessicag, May 14, 2018

Do you wake up with “kink” in your neck once in a while? Do you have trouble turning your head to the side while driving to look for traffic? Do you ever experience headaches that start at the base or back of your skull? If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then […]


Peripheral Neuropathy (written by Michael Hansen, DPT)

by jessicag, May 7, 2018

Peripheral Neuropathy   What is it? Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a neurological condition that may cause symptoms of pain, numbness, paresthesias (pins and needles), or weakness of your extremities, typically hands or feet. Peripheral neuropathy refers to the nerves in your body other than you brain and spinal cord. It is estimated that over 20 […]


FALL PREVENTION: Those at risk, what you can do and how PT can help (by Kim Wilkes, PT)

by jessicag, April 25, 2018

Are you at risk for falling or know someone who is? As we age, we don’t like to think about becoming unsteady, frail, or “off-balance” with our daily activities. Yet in the world of physical therapy, we routinely see patient with injuries as a result of loss of balance and “near” falls, partial falls (into […]