Burch Physical Therapy

Aquatic Rehabilitation Program

Water Based Therapy

Burch Physical Therapy offers patients access to aquatic rehabilitation. Exercise in the water is an excellent approach for those who may not initially tolerate land-based therapy or whose diagnosis is best served in a water environment. Many patients with diagnoses such as Lymphedema, total joint replacement, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, CRPS, recent fractures, and back pain may benefit from aquatic exercise. Stop by and see this unique rehabilitation experience.

Burch Physical Therapy offers patients access to aquatic rehabilitation including Redding’s only underwater treadmill. This unique rehabilitation tool allows patients to walk and run while experiencing the benefits of a water environment. The treadmill is used for patients with Lower extremity arthritis and also runners returning from injury.

Burch Physical Therapy offers patients
  • 90° temperature-controlled indoor pool with easy access including a hydraulic lift for those patients requiring additional assistance to enter the pool.
  • Aquatic therapy reduces weight bearing through the buoyancy of water letting patients move and exercise in ways that are not possible on land.
  • Burch Physical Therapy’s aquatic center is also home to one of the few underwater treadmills in Northern California. This allows many patients that struggle with pain when walking to comfortably walk and exercise.
  • Our facility is equipped with locker rooms and showers to complement patient’s aquatic experience.