Direct Access

Do you have a musculoskeletal injury or pain, posture or balance problem? All of these can restrain your recreational activities or affect your everyday routine. It is likely a visit to your physician will result in a referral to physical therapy.

Many don't know that in the state of California consumers have direct access to physical therapy. This means that you can see a physical therapist without a referral from the doctor. Click Here to Read More


View Our Facebook Reviews "I have been a patient with Burch Physical Therapy through three different injuries and each one has been tremendously successful. The most recent therapy I received from Burch PT was after shoulder replacements, which was more major than I had anticipated but everyone is astounded with the motion and mobility I have again. Between my doctors and physical therapists working together, I am now fully functioning. I am thankful for the entire staff at Burch Physical Therapy for helping me make a full recovery."

Michelle M.

"After my injury I believed I would never be able to attain my former agility or abilities. Burch Physical Therapy and Performance Center restored my hope and walked with me every step of the way; sometimes holding my hand, other times kicking my behind. They gave me the encouragement and fortitude needed to rehabilitate me into better than before condition."

Mike C.

"I've been coming to Burch PT for over 30 years. They are very trusted and always take great care of me."

Cheryl W.

"I am so impressed with the skill level and service at Burch PT. I learned so much and had improvement in my hip for the first time in almost a year!"

Laurel S.

"This is my second time at Burch PT. The staff have always been helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. By the end of my treatment, I felt better and back to my old self!"

Michelle W.

"Burch Physical Therapists,
I want to thank you for helping me with my lower back pain. When I first came to you, I was not able to get in or out of my car, pick something up off the floor, lift my miniature poodle or walk down the hall of our home without experiencing much pain. Now, I can do all of the above with little or no pain. I have been taught exercises that will help me to maintain as well as being encouraged to increase walking and bike riding little by little. At the age of 75, I have hope for a better future."

Judith K.

"I would like to give it up to my therapist, Patti. She has really helped me in so many ways. I was provided with the information and exercises to keep my condition in check whenever I mention Burch Physical Therapy, it's always how good patients are treated."

Gary W.

"To a team of caring professionals and kind people. It has been a joy knowing all of you. Thanks for listening to my dumb jokes."

Jesse M.

"I like my water exercises. They are really helping me strengthen my arms and legs and getting me back to normal living.

Joahnne L.

"About six months ago, I started experiencing lower back pain and hip pain that frequently interrupted my sleep. I finally went to my nurse practitioner and she referred me to Burch Physical Therapy. Bryan taught me how to do core strengthening, as well as stretching exercises. Within a couple of visits, my back pain was completely gone. Bryan continued to work with me, and now I can sleep comfortably again. Moreover, I can see that my core strength and posture have greatly improved. Bryan was extremely patient and helpful during my visits, offering reasonable and educational answers to all of my questions and really listening when I talked about my symptoms. Though I was initially somewhat skeptical, I am particularly impressed with Bryan and the rest of the staff at Burch Physical Therapy."

Kristy G.

"While seeing Bryan Burch, our oldest son, Anthony, has been struggling with severe neck pain for almost 2 months. After an MRI, he was in surgery within 5 hours. You know it's serious when 6-8 medical people are surrounding the patient within 10 minutes of getting to the ER. Some bizarre infection attacked his vertebrae, causing them to break down and compress his spinal cord. The two damaged vertebrae were removed and replaced with artificial vertebrae and fused. A huge thank you to Bryan Burch for picking up on his lack of movement and insisting that he get a MRI immediately. He very well may have saved my son's life and definitely his mobility. He is still in ICU and being hit hard with lots of antibiotics to fight the infection in his blood and bone, but is on his way to recovery! So thankful!"

Jennifer B.