The way you sit at work, for hours on end, can be just the thing that is contributing to your back and shoulder pain.  Even if you are spending hours in a vehicle driving, there are proven methods Burch PT can give you to help reduce back strain, back pain and injury.

We recommend employers connect with Burch Physical Therapy for information to help reduce injuries due to poor workplace ergonomics.  To avoid employee injuries and reduced productivity, a comprehensive ergonomics plan developed by a trusted Physical Therapist can save a company thousands of dollars.

We have had years of experience treating common injuries that were due to poor workplace ergonomics.  These injuries range from neck and back pain to tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tennis elbow.  We can analyze your workplace and give you a professional ergonomic risk assessment, along with our recommendations.  Why lose hours of work from your employees when you can take steps to decrease the chances of on-the-job injuries due to poor workplace ergonomics.

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