Burch Physical Therapy is excited to have the latest in therapy products to help our community with their physical needs.  With our indoor water therapy pool, we’re able to offer our patients the ability to walk on an underwater treadmill!

There are several studies that have been done showing Underwater Treadmill Exercise as a potential treatment for Adults with osteoarthritis.  Patients are getting excellent results fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Aquatic therapy reduces the stress of body weight on joints while also providing resistance. With our indoor therapeutic pool, our patients can work on their flexibility, strength and balance as well as performing specific exercises and stretches.

Patients with osteoarthritis can work on their strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall function with less pain through walking in a therapeutic pool along with performing specific stretching, ROM, balance and strengthening exercises prescribed by a physical therapist.

Some other benefits of an underwater treadmill are:

  • Weight Loss.  For those who were unable to exercise in traditional methods, they are now able to get significant gains in aerobic capacity and reduce body fat.
  • Staying in Shape.  Many athletes have had an injury and are recovering.  They want to continue in sports without using full weight-bearing exercise.  This is where the underwater treadmill can give the results they are desiring.
  • Walking Better.  After hip or leg injuries or surgeries, people often find their gait is different and walking correctly is painful.  Walking in water reduces the weight bearing on their joints and they can get back to health much quicker.
  • Muscle Toning.  Athletes have noticed the underwater treadmill helps with strength building in their legs.  The pressure from walking against the water adds a new kind of exercise for the body.
  • Prevent Injury.   Walking in water and using a therapeutic pool for specific strengthening exercises (given to you by your Physical Therapist) can build strength and help to prevent injuries, increase balance, posture, and mobility.

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